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Sic: I'm in love with my Honda

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Sic: I'm in love with my Honda Empty Sic: I'm in love with my Honda

Messaggio Da Bonbon_uccia46 il Ven Mar 04, 2011 1:29 pm

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He showed up in an old San Carlo sidecar, taking his new teammate Hiroshi Aoyama along for the ride. The same Aoyama who stole Simoncelli's 250cc crown in 2009.

Sic seems very relaxed a calm, unlike this time last year when he was clearly nervous about his upcoming MotoGP debut. That season started out with some difficulties for the Italian, but from the halfway point onward something seemed to change and his performances improved dramatically.

“The bike improved a lot over the course of last year, but I really fell in love during the Valencia post-season test. The engine is much stronger compared to last year, and I certainly wasn't riding the way I am now. Also, at the start of last year, there were some communication problems within the team."

Do you think you can trouble the other HRC factory riders?

"I think I can. During the six test days I was always at the level of Stoner and Pedrosa."

Ok, but... you cut one of the corners...

"When the guy from IRTA came and told me I cut a corner, I burst out laughing in his face!"

How will your package be this year?

"Honda brought an alternative version of the chassis, but since the times were the same and the feeling identical, we didn't want to waste too much time on it. We will have the 2011 version, and I think the Honda is the best bike at the moment."

Your lively personality has made you very popular in Italy. Do you feel any different now that you are so well known?

"The big change in my life came when I won the world championship, but my friends are still the same ones from back in the day. Also Kate, my girlfriend, hasn't changed. Speaking of that; I think I'll renew my contract this year with Kate."

Do you mean you are getting married?

"No, that's not what I meant."

Has Stoner's arrival raised the bar at Honda?

"Certainly. Whenever a rider goes fast using the same bike as you, it provides you with extra motivation to go quicker. But Pedrosa was already enough!"

There has been a lot of talk about a new Honda gearbox...

"I think it's all a legend, and the talk was exaggerated. What's important is that we lap together with other riders, since during the races it is easier to understand where you need to improve. You are mostly lapping alone during the tests, and it feels like you are doing everything very well."

You have trained with Valentino for years. In the past you always said you were learning from him, but in the last tests you were always faster. How does that make you feel?

"It's great because he has always been a benchmark for me. When I started racing with minibikes, and in 125, I was always rooting for him. He isn't at 100% right now, but when I came across him out on track and was able to stay in front of him, it was very satisfying."

Have you spoken lately?

"Yes, I saw him after the first test and he was pretty happy. After the second I don't know, maybe a little bit less, but I haven't seen him since we got back to Italy."

So no motocross training then?

"No, it's better to be careful before the start of the season!"

You had a great battle with Hiroshi in 2009, but he won the title from you. Do you have a score to settle with him?

"For sure it still burns my ass to think about it, but he was better than me that year because he never made any mistakes. I was faster, but I made too many errors. But it's a closed chapter now that we are in MotoGP, and now the battle isn't only with him, but with everyone."

What "clicked" between the disastrous start to last year and this year's fantastic start?

"There wasn't really a single click. I got on the 2011 bike and I immediately felt much better. My improvement has been gradual."

Will you pray to San Carlo (Saint Carlo)... before each race?

"I don't think so!"

Purtroppo anche le storie piu' belle finiscono, ma ti lasciano un sacco di bei ricordi, tanti momenti paragonabili a quel primo bacio che ci siamo dati sull'erba di Welkome, dove lei mi ha guardato dritto negli occhi e mi ha detto TI AMO. VR46

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