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Hayden: This year I have to speak up

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Hayden: This year I have to speak up Empty Hayden: This year I have to speak up

Messaggio Da Bonbon_uccia46 il Gio Feb 17, 2011 2:43 am

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Nicky Hayden, in an interview with Henny Ray Abrams of Cyclenews, has revealed some interesting details about the next Ducati test in Malaysia, set to start next Tuesday.

"In the first test we had the less rigid subframe to test, and there's actually a couple of different fork options to test from 42mm 2010/2011. We've still got a swingarm and some other stuff to test. The bike was better on corner entry. It was easier over the bumps, not the actual chatter, but it was soaking up the bumps better. I was using the 48mm forks, which is more like the standard I used last year, with the 2010 internals. I still haven't found my race bike package yet. We definitely eliminated some stuff, like the big fairing, which is sort of a shame because of all the aerodynamic work that went into it. But it was just a little bit too big, especially in the change of directions."

Nicky also said he was happy to be working with Valentino Rossi again.

"I've been teammates with him before at Honda. Regarding parts, I hope that me and Valentino will be closer than me and Casey. Stoner always wanted the bike stiffer and stiffer. Then last year, before the start of the season, when I got the softer swingarm that I wanted, it was a big help for me. Turns out Casey liked it too once he tried it."

"Rossimania? Actually, for our team, I feel it's a good deal. The entourage and all the fans dont' really bother me. My ego's not going to take a hit if more people are standing around him. In fact, I just looked at the positives: history shows that he and Burgess have made some pretty good bikes wherever they have gone, and that's what I'm thinking of."

The American also noted that he must speak up a little more.

"I need to stand up if I want to be heard and not be brushed aside. I'm going to have to make some noise. I want to believe that I'm going to get the same equipment, and I hope that's the case and it's up to me to take it from there. It's going to be a challenge to beat that guy on the same bike, in the same garage, but you know..."

Purtroppo anche le storie piu' belle finiscono, ma ti lasciano un sacco di bei ricordi, tanti momenti paragonabili a quel primo bacio che ci siamo dati sull'erba di Welkome, dove lei mi ha guardato dritto negli occhi e mi ha detto TI AMO. VR46

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