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Uccio: Vale will race in Superbike

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Uccio: Vale will race in Superbike Empty Uccio: Vale will race in Superbike

Messaggio Da Bonbon_uccia46 il Dom Mar 13, 2011 1:54 am

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lessio Salucci, now known to the world as "Uccio", has been Valentino Rossi's right hand man for the past 15 years. For 2011 he will take on a new role, however, helping to run Andrea Iannone's Team Speed Master.

What convinced you to accept this new challenge?

"I wanted to start this Moto2 adventure with Andrea because, in my opinion, he is a great rider - Uccio told GPone - He still needs to grow, but the foundation is there; he is excellent on the brakes, fast in general and likes to push the limit. So when they told me I could be part of a team with him, I didn't think twice about accepting."

Who first approached you?

"Silvio Vercilli and Regalino Iannone asked me, 'why don't we start a team?' And I asked Regalino, 'will your son be the rider?' Of course he said 'yes.'"

When was this?

"It was June of 2010"

How does one go about starting a team?

"We cannot deny that the fundamental thing is money. Once you have funding in place, it's important to put together the technical team, because it's the engineers and mechanics that make the difference. Then you need a crew chief who will work well with the rider, in this case Tommaso Raponi, and all the other pieces from there: a truck and a hospitality unit..."

Did you ask for Valentino's permission before starting this project?

"Yes - Uccio admitted without shame - I always kept Valentino informed about what I was doing, and he was very happy about it. I hope this will be my future. Valentino will have to think about stopping in ten years, and, knowing him, he will walk away from racing completely. He isn't the type of person to stay on the scene when his is done."

So you don't think he will help his brother, Luca Marini, who is starting to race serioiusly?

"No, I don't think so. It's hard to say now what will be happening in ten years, but I don't see it. With all the stress and pressure that comes with racing now, I think he will want to stay at home. Maybe he will race cars."

That means this is a real job for you. What will your role be, exactly? Are you a partial owner in Team Speed Master?

"No, the owners are Vercilli and Regalino Iannone. At the end of this season, I will have the chance to enter into ownership if I want to, and if they want me."

And your position?

"My job was to organize everything thus far, to go out and look for sponsors, to chose a crew chief, to help Andrea and understand his needs. Now my work is practically finished, but I will continue to follow Andrea and give him advice based on my experiences. My main role now, however, is with Valentino Rossi."

Every rider wants to reach MotoGP. If Andrea Iannone makes the step up, will you be in his garage or Valentino's?

"If he wants, we will make a MotoGP team for him. What a question though! I have only one garage, and it's Valentino's."

What do you expect from Valentino's 2011 season?

"It's looking complicated and difficult, but exciting. And if we are able to get the bike the way we want, I see some winning as well."

Will Valentino end his career in Superbike?

"Yes, he has this idea to race two seasons in Superbike. It is certainly a more concrete idea than Formula 1 was."

What is his priority right now?

"Now that his shoulder is improving, he needs to concentrate on the technical aspects, an area where Ducati is a little bit behind Yamaha and Honda right now. But I'm sure that Preziosi will help us out with this, and Rossi will do the rest."

Purtroppo anche le storie piu' belle finiscono, ma ti lasciano un sacco di bei ricordi, tanti momenti paragonabili a quel primo bacio che ci siamo dati sull'erba di Welkome, dove lei mi ha guardato dritto negli occhi e mi ha detto TI AMO. VR46

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