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Borsoi, the cobra & Valentino Rossi

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Borsoi, the cobra & Valentino Rossi Empty Borsoi, the cobra & Valentino Rossi

Messaggio Da Bonbon_uccia46 il Mar Mar 01, 2011 12:55 pm

Article from

At 18 years old he became a racer by chance, and at 29 he intentionally chose to become Aspar's right hand man. Gino Borsoi now helps run a team competing in three categories (in 125: Terol and Faubel, in Moto2 Simon and Fores, and in MotoGP Barbera) remaining an important part of the Grand Prix world that he cares so much about.

“From age 6 to 12, I rode motocross. Then I quit to play football, until one day my father's friend asked me to test a road racing bike for him. So I started like that, at 18 years old, after a "blackout" period of 7 years off bikes."

Your father was a Yamaha dealer...

"Yes, but at Misano I tested an Aprilia Futura 125, and I said to myself, 'hey, this road racing thing isn't bad!' We then prepared to race at Misano, without further testing, and I basically had zero experience. I went around the first few corners with my foot out, motocross style. The next year, in 1993, I moved to the Sport Production series."

Yes, and Valentino was also racing in Sport Production at the time...

“I first raced Valentino when he was using a Cagiva, and then I moved to Aprilia and we did the finals together in 1994... Those were fun years. There was Battaini, Tessari, Guareschi, Giugovaz..."

How did you end up in GP?

“At the end of '96, I was called to substitute Ballerini for the last races of the year with Team Italia. But during the first race at Barcelona, there was an incident with Katzuto Sakata and I fractured three vertebrae. Dottor Costa did some great work, and then after three months I was called by Semprucci to test his Yamaha 125. I was really happy, but in reality I had just gotten back on my feet. It was really cold when I tested the Yamaha at Misano, and after 30 or 40 laps I had a big crash. I was suddenly on the ground and thinking I wouldn't be able to get up. But my legs were moving, and I was ok! I then signed a deal to race for Semprucci."

And your transition to management?

“In 2003 I became a rider/manager for two seasons, with Globet Racing. The first year I was partnered with Alex De Angelis. I raced and I managed the team.”

It must be like acting and directing in the same mvoie...

“It's complicated, and it's always difficult to dedicate so much time to finding sponsors, while still staying calm enough to race."

Finally, what about that Cobra?

“Everyone remembers me for that! It happened in Malaysia, in 1998. I thought I hit a piece of Cecchinello's bike on the track, and at that speed you don't realize exactly what happened. Plus I never would have thought a cobra could be crossing the track. When the session ended, my crew chief, Orlandi, said to me, "you hit a cobra!" I only believed him when I saw the video, and when some guy brought the dead snake to me later..."

Purtroppo anche le storie piu' belle finiscono, ma ti lasciano un sacco di bei ricordi, tanti momenti paragonabili a quel primo bacio che ci siamo dati sull'erba di Welkome, dove lei mi ha guardato dritto negli occhi e mi ha detto TI AMO. VR46

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